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Reducing time to hire for both permanent and contingent


A global systems integrator delivered against their extensive recruitment needs for growth whilst maintaining high recruitment standards and addressing the war for talent with our help.


We have been in partnership with this customer, who is recognised as one of the UK’s leading technology systems integrators (principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services) since 1996. We were awarded managed service supplier status and managed in excess of £25 million of their recruitment spend. Optamor operates across multiple sites in the UK and EMEA to find talent that fits the customer’s brand and corporate philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae

The number of successful candidates who have joined our customer in both permanent and contract roles.

From Software, Systems, Integration and Test Engineers to Programme Managers, Capture Directors and all roles in Corporate and Commercial Operations, Optamor has delivered divisional-wide talent to match the customer’s ambitions, with the added complexity of both a challenging security clearance process and a war for talent that spans the entire defence marketplace. From graduates to senior staff, we have used our understanding of the client’s brand through our embedded team to source employees that can meet the ambitious targets of our customer.

How we saw things differently...

Working closely with our customer’s talent acquisition and hiring teams Optamor have:
  • Implemented a recruitment platform and full strategic and operational level reporting suite to successfully manage and control all recruitment needs whilst reducing management administration time

  • Implemented an eTimesheet solution to manage contractor spend

  • Reduced time to hire for both permanent and contingent talent

  • Creation of talent pools and communities directly related to our customer’s current and future needs

  • Improved positive employer brand and reputation

  • Improved the overall candidate recruitment experience

"Thank you very much for your management of this process, I was really pleased with how the interviews were scheduled and all interviewees turned up and although they were very varied it was a really good spread of relevant candidates. A great success for our first venture into the world of Qatar HR candidates! Many thanks to all involved."

Senior HR Operations Manager - Security & Compliance

Building talent solutions that work. 

By managing the channels to market effectively, the Optamor team have built a network of talent, suppliers with supporting tools and methodologies to ensure that the customer is seen as an employer of choice. Navigating the complex administration and staff sourcing challenges to deliver a cost-effective recruitment programme across all six of our customer’s sites in the UK and to projects further afield, the UK organisation has drawn positive comparisons from other global recruitment teams in the organisation.

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