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Luxury Car Wheel

Full speed ahead with a contingent workforce

How Optamor assisted an international manufacturer of luxury sports cars to implement an effective solution in relation to project activity recording to ensure appropriate and cost-effective use of a contingent workforce.  Our customer, a manufacturer of luxury sports and racing cars, is at the forefront of innovation in the car industry.

How we saw things differently

As part of the overall implementation, Optamor was responsible for the novation of existing direct contractors and incumbent agency suppliers through a managed transition process that ran in parallel with the new solution implementation. A key area of focus was the effective use of the contingent workforce to ensure effective project delivery.

Image by Fabian Blank

Managing contingent workforce spend is an essential part of our customer's project management activities; working closely with them we support the continued success of their project engagements.

Once the strategy and processes had been agreed with our customer we provided on and off-site clinics to provide support for any queries/problems in alignment to the new systems and processes which have helped to ensure trusted relationships between both the hiring community and their contractors, connecting them with the most appropriate systems, processes, people and culture in order to maximise performance and enhance effective engagement. Key elements of this project included:

  • Review of processes and methods

  • Implementation and full rollout of a project based eTimesheet solution

  • Effective use and recording of contingent worker hours based on project demand as opposed to traditional engagement based delivery

How we saw things differently...

Image by UX Indonesia

"Since using eTimesheets I have realised they are so much quicker than completing a manual timesheet and having to have it signed by your manager, then having to email it to Optamor. Now I simply enter my hours, click submit and my manager is informed my timesheet is waiting for approval. I also now have a history of all of my timesheets."

Contractor - Automotive

Building talent solutions that work. 

Our customer has specific and multiple project demands and ensuring that timely and cost-effective contingency workers are provided is key to project success in all areas from Cars, Engineering, Purchasing and Manufacturing to the Studio. In a competitive automotive market, project performance, agility and accuracy are key so working in conjunction with both procurement and the business it is essential that resources are effectively deployed to ensure no deviation from the overall project plan deadlines.

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