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Increasing diverse applicants via specialist talent attraction.

An improvement in the gender balance: year-on-year job offers made to female candidates increased from 21% the previous year to 32% in the current year.


Established in 1821 and operating across 20 countries, De La Rue manufactures and prints products such as banknotes, passports and tax stamps. De La Rue approached Optamor with a requirement for support around increasing gender diversity across its UK workforce. Across various departments, De La Rue found that their workforce gender split was significantly wide of their aim to have 50% male and 50% female. Within their sector, De La Rue was shown to be lacking in gender diversity in comparison to their competitors. De La Rue required expert support from an external provider, which would support them with an ongoing programme of improvement as well as achieve some quick, early improvements.


Optamor deployed our specialist talent attraction marketing team to build a bespoke campaign to drive a greater diverse level of applicants. Optamor’s talent attraction team consists of highly experienced specialist, experienced digital and brand marketers.

  • A full review was completed of De La Rue’s hiring process with regards to diversity. The team looked into the language of job descriptions, where the roles were advertised, performance of the supply chain, and the interview process.

  • Implementation and use of language software that supported the creation of neutral, attractive job adverts and person specs. The tool-optimised content, enabling users to remove gendered words and phrases to create an attractive and neutral advert. The language element of job descriptions was enhanced by technology but ultimately managed by our expert marketing team who worked closely with De La Rue to promote their defined Employer Value Proposition (EVP) as well as their extensive benefits package, which includes flexible working.

  • Used Horsefly Analytics to gain an understanding of the talent landscape for certain skillsets. The Horsefly reports presented the overall gender split by region for particular roles. This allowed the team to have a better understanding of what was achievable dependent on the job role.

  • Optamor introduced ‘blind’ CVs, where personal details were not disclosed to hiring managers until an interview had been scheduled.

  • An improvement in the gender balance: year-on-year job offers made to female candidates increased from 21% the previous year to 32% in the current year. One particular win occurred within the Finance team, where a concerted effort had been made to attract more women to the division. In August 2018, this hit a 50/50 split.

  • Higher calibre applications: targeted advertising attracted more relevant candidates – as evidenced by improved interview-to-offer rates which virtually halved from 8.6:1 in the previous year to 4:1

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