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Evolving workforces with people management

Our People Management solution enabled a leading IT security company to extend the Associate Programme framework into EMEA through People Management Evolution.

Engage, build, deliver.

Our engage, build and deliver approach has led to a highly successful partnership with this company that has evolved to meet the changing needs of the Associate Programme.

Old Globe

The number of additional countries now supported by the expansion of the Associate Programme.

Since early 2001 this company's Associate Programme has been a trusted and stress-tested people management solution where our remit is to provide highly skilled, specialist Information Security expertise through our on-site delivery team. Working in partnership we deploy and deliver security professionals whilst partnering with the business to ensure a robust governance process, service efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Wall of ideas

Fundamental to the success of this project were visibility, accountability and a robust project plan and framework which ensured multiple lines of activity could be managed by various stakeholders without a loss of control and with no detrimental impact on delivery.


Key elements were:

  • EMEA due diligence

  • EMEA delivery and channels to market

  • Full review and revision of workflows & processes

"I see Optamor simply as an extension of our own resource teams, such is the trust between us. They are fully aligned with our company goals and my own personal goals, so that I know when I go to them with a request, I get a swift, effective, high quality and personal service. No matter what I ask of them, they have never let me down."

Client Engagement Director - Cyber Security

Building talent solutions that work. 

Optamor supports the recruitment of a wide range of IT Security skill sets, which include the provision of security-cleared resources at both SC and DV levels, but the Associate Programme is so much more than that. We have attracted and deployed hundreds of Associates across multiple projects and locations to help the customer meet their client delivery needs.

We have formed long-standing relationships both within this company, but also within the Information Security Associate marketplace. We provide useful and useable market information and data, work with the company to educate their hiring community, and provide valuable technological support to underpin the foundation of their non-permanent workforce.

Together we have built a robust, stress-tested solution that is reviewed regularly in line with the business demands. In short, Optamor has become a true extension of the company's Associate Programme, a workforce solution that ultimately supports their growth

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