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Consulting Services

As part of our recruitment solutions or on a project basis, we help you to attract and retain top talent by working with you on a consultative basis to evolve and develop your tech-stacks, hiring process and talent attraction efforts.

Talent Marketing

Talent attraction is critical for recruitment success. We'll work with you to understand who to hire and where they can be found. Once we have the target audience, your culture, mission and values will help engage and convert them.

79% of top performers search for opportunities monthly (Indeed, jobseeker study conducted by Decipher/FocusVision). This is why it's vital your business stands out by highlighting people and projects.

Our talent marketing services include:

  • Defining your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Creation of Hiring Manager - Talent Toolkits (including Role Persona mapping) 

  • Talent insights reporting

  • Creation or optimisation of careers pages

  • Recruitment advertising strategy

  • Content and social media marketing

  • PR and outreach

  • Recruitment events and open days

  • Ongoing measurement and reporting using tools such as Google Analytics

Everything we do is about attracting more relevant talent directly to you. This helps reduce external agency reliance, cost and time to hire.

HR Consultancy

To support the growth and development of our customers and be able to provide expertise and resource when and where they are needed most, we offer on-demand solutions in the following areas:

  • HR

  • On-boarding

  • Learning strategy and planning

  • Communication and change management

Our consultative approach allows us to identify areas where project delivery and the required expertise is not part of core business operations, or where additional resources are required to deliver tangible outcomes and business success. In these instances procuring expertise as and when needed is cost efficient, ensures up-to-date support and guidance and allows operational teams to focus on core business as usual activities.

Get in Touch

If you'd like to discuss your challenges more, to see if we can support - please get in touch. 

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