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Permanent Recruitment

Our RPO solutions are designed to free up internal teams by managing the whole recruitment process or a specific project within this.


Our RPO solution takes care of your full recruitment lifecycle from planning stage through to on-boarding and beyond. Your HR team has complete oversight via our full reporting suite and resourcing team, but has more time to focus on strategic activities.

Project RPO

Project RPO is a flexible option that allows you to engage us in a specific hiring project - for example recruiting niche talent for a new facility. We understand time is of the essence, so our project RPOs are designed to deliver results in a cost-effective, goal-focused way.

Our methodology

We work closely with our partners from an HR and marketing perspective to attract the best talent. We work in customisable stages, allowing you to choose which elements we can support you with:

  • Market intelligence reporting

  • Talent Attraction

  • Engagement from Candidates

  • Candidate Selection

  • Hire & retention

Read more about our methodology here.

How can RPO help you?

Deciding to outsource your recruitment function or moving suppliers is a big decision. Here’s some key business drivers for considering an RPO solution:

  • Visibility and control

  • Cost management

  • Reduced administration

  • Enhanced MI/Reports

  • Supply chain/Vendor management

  • Automation and technology

  • Improved efficiencies - streamlined processes

  • Risk mitigation and compliance

Ready to discuss your current workforce challenges with us? Let's talk talent!

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