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How we do what we do... 

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Our approach to talent acquisition... 

We collaborate with our partners from the field of human resources and marketing to recruit the best individuals. We customise each step so you can pick which elements of our services that you want us to provide assistance with:​


  • Market intelligence reporting: Our recruitment marketing team uses a variety of analytical tools to identify talent hotspots, what motivates your talent, gender diversity and more. We take these insights and use them to shape your recruitment strategy.

  • Attraction: We define and harness your EVP to attract inbound talent (and potential employees!), reducing your reliance on external advertising.

  • Engagement: Attracting people is one aspect - making sure they stay throughout the process is a whole other ball game. Assisted by technology, we streamline the recruitment approach to make it simpler for prospects to develop a relationship with you.

  • Selection: Working with your hiring managers, we select people that will deliver your business objectives. To do this we match attitudes and behaviours against your selection criteria. To decrease candidate attrition rates, we communicate with everyone interested - no unanswered inquiries here!

  • Hire & retention: We support you through the on-boarding process, whether that’s providing induction packs or setting objective-based KPIs. We don’t just leave it there either; we work closely with your HR team to set a Learning & Development (L&D) strategy for new hires and with your marketing team to capture inspiring stories about your people.

Let’s Work Together

Shore House, North Harbour Business Park

Compass Road, Portsmouth


Tel: 02392 415 228

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