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Turning Talent Acquisition into Business Success at Bell.

Optamor's sector-specific know-how and strategic insights enable Bell Integration to find and engage talent for a range of demanding technical roles and maintain its position as a leading IT solutions provider.


A leading IT infrastructure solutions and managed services provider, Bell Integration enables its customers to reduce cost, improve productivity and increase business efficiency; ensuring their IT operations are both resilient and future-proofed.

Bell offers a complete IT lifecycle portfolio of products and services that drive innovation and help organisations adapt rapidly to fast-paced change their unique capabilities and approach have propelled it to market leading position. Last year, Bell’s revenues swelled by 89%, building on the 76% uplift previously achieved the year before.

Recognising Optamor's capabilities as being a key enabler for growing its talent pipeline, Bell wanted to deepen its partnership with Optamor so it could:


  • Build an ‘on demand’ talent pipeline closely aligned to forecasted customer projects on the horizon

  • Gain unrivalled access to suitable talent for mission-critical contract and permanent roles

Under The Bridge

Initially engaged to support Bell’s internal recruitment needs, Optamor quickly proved its worth when it came to finding the right candidates at a moment’s notice.


“I’ve never worked with an agency that operates quite like Optamor before. Acting as an extension to our team, their strong candidate-facing skills and ability to find, qualify and shortlist high-quality candidates for roles, with minimal drop-out rates, meant that they quickly became our primary and preferred provider,” says Jessica Harrington, Recruitment Manager at Bell Integration.

Providing everything from out-of-hours candidate sourcing services to face-to-face interview facilitation, Optamor's high quality and rapid response delivery ensured Bell was able to find specialist talent fast.

Within a short time, Optamor was tasked with undertaking candidate profiling and recruitment to support Bell’s managed service project resourcing needs.

“We’re a small team that needs to respond fast to upcoming fixed-term and contract resourcing requirements. To maintain and grow our market-leading position, we needed to work smarter and more strategically to capture hard-to-find talent. That includes accurately projecting upcoming resourcing needs, so we always have the right talent in our sights and ready to onboard in a timely manner,” continues Jessica.

That’s when Bell Integration turned to Optamor to help transform its resourcing capabilities.








To ensure our customer is able to address resourcing needs to stringent deadlines, Optamor works closely with Bell’s commercial managers to proactively build the right talent pools ahead of any go-live. By closely aligning Bell’s talent pipeline with its bids and tenders pipeline, the business is able to stay on the front foot when it comes to recruiting talent that’s in short supply.


Responsible for creating a live database of candidates and their skills that makes it easy for Bell to quickly identify how many individuals have the right set of competencies required for roles, Optamor has transformed resourcing processes to ensure Bell Integration retains its competitive edge where talent acquisition is concerned. That includes how well Bell utilises talent across all its managed service lines of business.

From providing rate cards and benchmarking data that ensures the business offers candidates a competitive and appealing benefits package, to supporting them with the assessment of the viability of bids from a talent availability perspective, Optamor has been integral in helping Bell maintain the delivery of high-performing and high-quality solutions for its customers.

In one year alone, Optamor oversaw the sourcing of more than 200 personnel on a permanent, fix term or contracting basis.

“Acting as a valued extension of our team, Optamor are our first port of call for advice and market intelligence when it comes to understanding which bids are commercially viable from a resourcing perspective” -  Jessica -

How we saw things differently...

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Business Meeting

How we saw things differently...

Optamor’s Service Delivery Manager is responsible for ensuring that processes are continually reviewed and improved to ensure Bell stays on top of its game when it comes to putting talent at the heart of its offering.


Optamor’s scalable and flexible project resource service ensures Bell is able to quickly identify and onboard talent, can determine the right approach to resourcing suitable talent to defined criteria, is able to maintain talent pools aligned to meet future identified needs, and maintains an elevated employer brand reputation in the talent marketplace.


“Optamor provides us with trusted insights and in-depth market intelligence the moment we identify a new customer engagement opportunity. That includes recommendations as to whether services should be delivered as an offshoring service,” says Jessica.

“Honest, reliable, and extremely accommodating, the relationship with Optamor has evolved to become a transparent and trusted lasting partnership that has proved pivotal to our sustained success.”

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