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  • Stephanie Birch-Foster

Common misconceptions of RPO and MSP recruitment solutions

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If you're looking to improve your recruitment efforts, you've probably started to explore talent solutions such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Programme (MSP). But, with all the confusion out there, it's easy to get the wrong idea about these two recruitment methods. So, let's clear up some of the common misconceptions of RPO and MSP recruitment solutions.

Misconception 1: RPO and MSP are the same thing

Nope! RPO and MSP are not the same thing, although a lot of people mix them up. RPO means outsourcing their permanent hires recruitment process to a third-party provider, whereas MSP is a service where your partner provider is responsible for the management of sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary, contract and other non-permanent workers.

Misconception 2: RPO and MSP are only for big businesses

Wrong again! RPO and MSP can be customised to suit the needs of organisations of any size. Whether you're a big business or a small one, you can take advantage of these recruitment methods. RPO can be a full-scale solution for large organisations, while MSP can help manage a small number of recruitment agencies. And in some cases more agile talent solution businesses offer on-demand services which allow you to solve a short term talent challenge.

Misconception 3: RPO and MSP are too expensive

There's the assumption that RPO and MSP are expensive, but the truth is, they often save you money in the long run. By streamlining processes, improving candidate quality and reducing time to hire, RPO and MSP can help you reduce recruitment costs. Plus, by taking the administrative burden of recruitment off your hands, you can free up your internal resources to focus on your core business.

Misconception 4: RPO and MSP sacrifice control and flexibility

Not a chance! When it comes to RPO and MSP, you're still in the driver's seat. RPO and MSP providers work with you to make sure your recruitment processes align with your specific needs and goals. You retain control over the recruitment process, and your RPO and MSP partners provide guidance and support to make sure everything runs smoothly.

So there you have it! RPO and MSP are valuable recruitment tools that can help you improve your recruitment processes, reduce costs, and increase the quality of your candidate pool. By clearing up these misconceptions, you can make a more informed decision about how to take your recruitment efforts to the next level.

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