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Be Inspired: What does a strong EVP look like?

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It’s all very well us telling you to sort out your employee value proposition, and then to amplify it. But what, exactly, would that look like in practice? Below we’ve gathered a few of our favourites (and some which could still do with a little work) to give you some ideas.

screenshot of Impressions website that explores their EVP

A certified ‘Great Place to Work 2022’, and specialising in digital marketing, one might expect a strong EVP from Impression. And you’d be right. Their website fluidly communicates the central tenets of their working and business practices (as affirmed by numerous 5 star glassdoor reviews, echoing the same things!) with clear infographics, and consistency across their social media platforms. In particular the people-centred branding is maintained, and employees championed for their outside-work contributions. Ultimately, “results, respect, flexibility, learning culture and social impact” are what Impression elected to spotlight in relation to their culture and approach, and by all accounts this seems to be aligned with reality. Good job!

screenshot of Novos website that explores their EVP

An e-commerce consultancy, based on P2P, Novos prides itself on its people- (and wellbeing-) centred approach; something which is successfully communicated through their employer brand. The alignment between EVP and branding even goes so far as to visually embody their values–the simplicity, honesty and transparency tracks all the way down to the minimalist website design. Their values are clearly and simply laid out, with added flair from the ‘Our Story’ section. They describe their workplace as ‘where employee happiness is valued as much as their performance’, and (based again on employee feedback) this does seem to be the case.

screenshot of Wild Nutrition's linkedin that explores their EVP

The elements of the Wild Nutrition brand which they seem to be highlighting include constructing a supportive, inclusive community, with room for both independence and cooperation.

screenshot of HubSpot's website that explores their EVP

screenshot of HubSpot's website that explores their EVP

Last but certainly not least, we have HubSpot. With a 128 page slide deck defining their ‘Culture Code’, it’s safe to say that HubSpot may have this one sorted. And the employee reviews are pretty glowing too. The company defines its culture as one which prioritises employee wellbeing, learning and development, and is overall characterised by fun.

The last part is difficult to speak to, but the former elements are substantiated as their real practice by actual, practical steps detailed across their site and socials. The allowance for hybrid working, nowadays, is perhaps not the draw it used to be–most workplaces now offer it, after all. However, the focus upon professional development and fostering a learning culture is evident from their detailed training offering, and with perks like unlimited vacation and emphasis on work/life balance they do appear to be pretty invested in their employees’ wellbeing. Overall, a coherent, cohesive and well thought-out EVP.

For more on how you can complete a culture audit in your workplace, check out our previous blog on how to create your own EVP.


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