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Simon Church

Non Executive Director

Optamor has a mature blend of long-standing and new customer relationships in the Technology, Defence, Manufacturing and Services sectors. The team has a fine blend of new talent and long-standing customer managers and I’m enjoying working with this group to develop our services and people.

Being of a certain age, and having more than 2 decades of customer based Executive and Board experience coupled with extensive experience as a provider of talent to businesses here and overseas, I am able to provide a useful insight into the business and our customers. I have been chair at Elite Leaders (an exclusive membership group of company owners in staffing, and consultancy) since 2011 and this keeps me at the heart of some of the best thought-leadership in the industry.



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Interesting thing about you that not many people know

I had a Nigerian upbringing and trained as a fireman. I also swim long distance sea races and qualified for the European Championships this year.

Why do you like working for Optamor?

It’s a fresh new brand in the sector with a vibrant and energetic team. The relationships that Optamor establish with its customers have to be spot-on professional, built on mutual understanding and all lead to genuine partnerships and these engagements last many years.

How do your customers see you?

For a personal view, it’s best to see my LinkedIn page to see what my customers really think of me.