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Simon Buddingwood

Resourcing Partner

As an Optamor Resource Partner who covers permanent Engineering, Manufacturing and Business Development to a major customer I am responsible for service delivery and excellent customer service. I also work to champion the recruitment of Ex-Forces personnel.

I have been in recruitment since 2007 starting in agency recruitment then moving into internal recruitment and Talent Solutions since 2013. My experience has mainly been within Aerospace & Defence Engineering and Defence & Government IT. Prior to starting in Recruitment I attended the University of Hertfordshire to study a Diploma in Aerospace Engineering where I also spent time going through Pilot training with the RAF in the University Air Squadron.



Contact Me

07900 741942

simon b

Interesting thing about you that not many people know

I am a massive fan of Star Wars, I have experienced simulated Zero Gravity in a plane and I have flown a helicopter.

Why do you like working for Optamor?

Our customers are world class organisations that I am proud to work with. Our management team are motivational, understanding and listen to their employees. Optamor recognise and reward hard work and people that go above and beyond.

How do your customers see you?

They would say I am someone who is passionate, approachable and a people person who is always happy to try and help even if it is outside my usual remit. They see that I want to work in partnership with them not only to deliver on our obligations, but also to help them deliver on theirs.