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Effective supply chain management

Are you too busy to effectively manage your supply chain? Here’s how Optamor helped a leading global manufacturer of aircraft equipment parts to ensure effective channels of recruitment to meet their growing demands.

How we saw things differently

Our customer, prior to their relationship with Optamor in January 2010 had struggled to effectively manage a diverse recruitment supply chain to ensure that they had both the contingent and permanent workforce that they needed and could effectively manage both their internal processes and costs.

By working with Optamor they were able to ensure all channels to market were effectively reviewed, managed and controlled which meant they could meet the fluctuating demands that their business required. 


The number of existing suppliers reviewed by Optamor to assess suitability for continued engagement.

It was imperative that Optamor reduce the burden of all contingent recruitment related activities and processes whilst additionally supporting the permanent recruitment effort. As an extension of the HR function Optamor undertook a full review of historic recruitment supply to ensure that future demands could be met through the effective use of a people management solution which encapsulated a full supply chain review and implementation. Our customer had a wide recruitment requirement which included roles from Quality and Design Engineers through to Technicians, Assemblers and Purchasing and Supply at all levels of experience.

How we saw things differently...

Our fully engaged specialist supply chain guided and managed by our Partnership team were required to support and deliver to a program of recruitment that reduced time to hire and associated costs and increased customer satisfaction. Key activities included: 

  • Review of historic supply chain

  • Full contractual review and implementation of new business appropriate commercial and contractual terms fully supported by effective key performance indicators

  • Full management, review and control of the secondary supply chain to ensure it met the on-going requirements of our customer

"We work closely with Optamor in supplying technical staff...We enjoy an excellent relationship with Optamor’s on-site team members who are always professional and timely in keeping us in the loop – something that many “Managed Service Providers” miss out on. We have succeeded in making placements by working as partners and not simply a bolt-on resource."

Business Manager - Aerospace, Engineering & Defence

Building talent solutions that work. 

The implementation of an effective supply chain which covers not only technical requirements, but diverse geographical locations, has meant that our customer received a timely and appropriate response to all requirements from a supply chain that fully understand the business and both its skills-based and cultural profile.

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