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Managed Learning Services

Establishing a learning culture is imperative to the performance and growth of your business...

Much more than just ensuring your workforce are up-to-date and compliant with regulatory training, the learning and development of your people should be considered further reaching, driving business performance.

Truly impactful learning and development looks beyond traditional teaching and explores creating an environment that nurtures and breeds self-learning. This empowers your people to develop their knowledge and skills at their own pace, with guidance from the company. This approach results in the learning experience becoming an active and rewarding process.

Due to training de-centralisation and often multiple individuals being involved, it is easy to lose sight of both suppliers and training spend. Optamor helps learning and development stakeholders identify opportunities to make savings through full training-plan management, supplier management, identifying travel and subsistence cost reductions by bringing delegates together and negotiating best price.

Empower your people, and reach your business goals

Our customers tend to consider the following areas when looking to work with a learning and development service provider like Optamor:

  • Delivering more impactful learning experiences
  • Increasing efficiency within the current learning administration processes
  • Maximise value for money and ROI within the learning and development team

Ultimately, it comes down to three areas: How do I get my employees to retain knowledge and use their learning effectively? How do I book and manage training easier, faster and with less mistakes? Finally, how do I spend less, but achieve more?

Optamor's learning and development services provide a broad range of training solutions to address the challenges facing businesses. Whether it's a focus on upskilling your current workforce in line with your business growth plans or taking control of your own people's value and ability to reduce impact from external market factors.

Our experience, expertise and course buying power provides our customers access to unrivalled learning and development services. Customers benefit from using us as the conduit - your single point of contact, freeing up time from sourcing, selecting and onboarding training providers.

Why Optamor vs other managed learning suppliers?

We’re truly passionate about making a difference not only for our customers but to our customer’s talent. That’s why our learning services will never be a one-size fits all, out of the box ‘product’. Our approach is always based on what is best for the customer which is why, even when it comes to technology we only look to implement the ones that will truly enable the success of the service to you. 

Our business is smaller than larger corporate competitors which means we can be more agile, flexible and creative with the learning and development services we provide to you. We won’t give you a standard formulaic service, we will collaborate with you to understand your learning needs, to create a service bespoke for your business goals and growth.

Our established training supplier network allows us to provide you with the right courses, at highly competitive prices. Delivered in a variety of formats our trainers have experience in public scheduled courses, tailored on-site training delivered to meet your needs, e-learning and blended learning. This variety of supplier and course delivery methods aids the bespoke nature of our learning and development service.

Our offering provides you with the following:

  • One point of contact for all your learning and development requirements
  • The widest choice of learning
  • Consistent delegate journey and experience
  • Cost efficiency
  • Effective trainer selection, management and consistency of utilising the same trainer across your business (where appropriate).
  • One point of invoicing and a single set of contractual terms
  • Training plan alignment
  • Delivery linked to learning and development strategy
  • People aligned to your business who understand your business and support your learning and development goal 

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Our passion and agility is what drives us to make a real difference for our customers. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your current learning needs and explore potential learning and development services to address your requirements. 

Training Provider

Training courses for personal and professional development

Challenge your employees to achieve their goals and acquire the skills they need for both professional growth and personal development.

Our on-demand training services allow our customers to take advantage of using a wide range of nationwide training providers, offering a broad variety of subject matters and skill sets. Whatever your employees learning goals, we can help you achieve this. We don't just take into account the skills they'll want either, understanding who they are and how they learn, but we will help you grow your people in the best way possible with our market knowledge and honest customer approach.

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Personal Development Courses

Health and Safety Courses technical and Specialist courses Business and Project Management Courses

We dedicate ourselves to nurturing your people and finding the right way to help your business perform, grow and succeed. By making small changes and implementing the right skills you could see a big difference.

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Our passion and agility is what drives us to make a real difference for our customers. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your current learning needs.