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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Our Managed Service Provision ( MSP) solutions take care of the recruitment and management of your contingent workforce.

We provide bespoke options including neutral, master & hybrid vendor solutions and resource-based scope of work (SoW) models.

Neutral vendor

A neutral vendor solution gives you the best candidates from a variety of sources. We act independently, showing no preference to any agencies. Instead we focus on working with compliant partners who embody our values.

Master vendor

Our master vendor solution is a blended approach that gives you the benefits of a direct sourcing team, by placing one supplier - ARM - as the prime vendor. Additionally, we establish and manage a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) to support niche sourcing. Streamlining the PSL process provides time and cost savings and greater oversight on supplier operations.

Hybrid vendor

A hybrid solution takes components from other models and combines them to create a bespoke, flexible talent acquisition solution. It allows you to merge RPO, MSP, SOW and L&D strategies (or just the elements you need) and capitalise on all personnel, activity, capability and approaches. This allows you the best of both worlds - making the most of your own experience, whilst using experts to plug the gaps.

Resource-based Statement of Work (SOW)

Our SOW service helps you action a specific project from start to finish, using contingent workers. You benefit from specialist knowledge and expertise, whilst we commit to managing the deliverables. This reduces your risk and reliance on single contractors and places a strong focus on output.

What makes us different?

Everything we do is focused on reducing your risk and liberating you from administrative tasks relating to the contingent workforce. That’s why we have an in-house expert team that includes compliance specialists, project managers and resource partners.

It’s not just about providing you with contractors quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to arm you with talent to innovate and grow your business, engaging your people and your customers.

We’re a people-driven business that believes in the enabling power of technology. Our MI reporting and vendor management technology is designed to optimise our work, giving us more time to build relationships with you and your contractors.

How can an MSP help you?

  • Cost management
  • Supply chain/Vendor management
  • Improve efficiencies via automating processes
  • Cut down procurement, administration and legal time
  • Enhance MI/reports
  • Provide better visibility and control
  • Risk mitigation and compliance
Business Manager - Aerospace, Engineering & Defence

We work closely with Optamor in supplying technical staff...We enjoy an excellent relationship with Optamor’s on-site team members who are always professional and timely in keeping us in the loop – something that many “Managed Service Providers” miss out on. We have succeeded in making placements by working as partners and not simply a bolt-on resource.

Business Manager - Aerospace, Engineering & Defence

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