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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Through the utilisation of innovative tools and technology, our contingent workforce management solutions will leverage your culture and strategy helping you attract and recruit the strongest talent.

Our managed service provision (MSP) builds resource and supplier communities that connect with your business aligned to your current and future resource demands, providing centralised and efficient workforce management solutions that work for our customers.

We'll work with you on the below:

  • Cost management
  • Supply chain management/vendor management
  • Improved efficiencies & streamline processes
  • Reduced administration
  • Enhanced MI/reporting
  • Visibility & control
  • Risk mitigation & compliance
  • Automation/technology

Find out more about the different types of MSP services, explore our neutral vendor and master/hybrid vend service options. Get in touch with Claire and Zoe. 

Neutral Vendor

Neutrally sourced talent, provided by compliant and cost effective contingent workforce management.

As one of the models available for contingent workforce management, a neutral vendor process is deployed to manage the supply of non-permanent talent into our customers organisations via our Preferred Provider Program.  Providers are managed by Optamor as a neutral organisation with no preference or bias having first ensured providers meet the compliance and code of conduct standards required by both Optamor and our customers.

Vendor neutrality is maintained by utilising our primary vendor management technology and our rigorous supply chain management process. With our robust, high performing Preferred Provider Program in place, we ensure neutrality remains constant throughout both the implementation of the Neutral Vendor solution and the enduring performance management process.

Our Neutral Vendor solutions encompass key areas including payroll managed services, novation of contractors, rate rationalisation and contractor care. We provide our clients with efficient, compliant and cost effective services to meet their specific business requirements.

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Let's discuss how we can help you with your temporary recruitment. Get in touch with Zoe and Claire.

Master Vendor / Hybrid

All the benefits of a direct sourcing team, fueled by a master vendor / hybrid managed service provider.

Our master vendor approach blends all the benefits of a managed service solution (with regards to supplier engagement and management by Optamor) with the additional benefits associated with a specialist direct sourcing team.  

We establish and manage a carefully selected tiered PSL of niche suppliers, with ARM being the prime vendor of this supply chain. Operating alongside the PSL will also be our own direct supply, via Optamor’s recruitment delivery team. We review and assess current vendors/suppliers to determine who is best placed to remain on the PSL and include any incumbent providers (where partners requests this), as well as our own suppliers. 

A flexible and scalable solution that allows partners to flex the master vendor solution to combine the added capability of a fully managed neutral vendor supply chain where the need arises providing the added value of an ongoing, engaged mix of niche, specialist supply. 



Resource based scope of work (SOW)

Articulate what consultants and groups of contractors expect to achieve across specific timeframes.

Our scope of work (SoW) approach enables our customers and Optamor to more accurately articulate what a single consultant, or team of contractors is expected to achieve across specific time frames and to agreed quality criteria to a greater extent than transactional resourcing.

Customers can plan and budget projects more effectively, measure performance and value of money. Customers retain the option to provide the program/project management lead for each SoW. 

What you can expect:

  • Increased productivity levels per head
  • Reduced internal overhead costs
  • Stronger focus on output
  • Accuracy of projects delivered are improved
  • Legislative risk profile reduced

Our customer's commercial delivery and legislative risk profile is reduced and knowledge dependency on individual contractors is reduced through experience and capability transfer via Optamor. Last but not least, Optamor service levels can reduce partner internal overhead costs and time.

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Want to know more? Get in touch with Claire and Zoe to discuss how our statement of work could help you manage your contingent workforce.