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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Performance focused, people-led.

When attracting and sourcing permanent employees, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions ensure that our customers attract the right calibre of talent in the most effective way for their business. We will leverage your brand, culture and strategy helping you attract and recruit the strongest resources. We build resource and supplier communities that connect with your business aligned to your current and future resource demands.

Our teams work collaboratively with existing HR / Talent Acquisition teams or as an extension to your business operations. With flexible deployment models available that underpin, support and develop your workforce requirements, our teams are co-located with our customer’s business operations to ensure collaboration and partnership throughout. Optamor RPO solutions free you up to focus on your business operations by taking care of the end-to-end recruitment process.

Agile and bespoke service 

At Optamor we recognise that no two businesses are the same, yes there will be common business practices and best practice advice and guidance that we can give you, but it is essential that we immerse ourselves in your company and understand your operation and culture before we start work.

We build a deep understanding of your mission, vision, culture, values and operational approach; we’re an extension of your business - your dedicated resourcing team is a part of your brand, whether that’s on-site or remotely. We will build the right permanent recruitment solution for you and ensure we attract, assess and deliver the right talent to your business.

Our customers - from global defence primes to professional services firms, are integral to our success. Their business is our business and we’re an extension of their operation. We’re proud of what we do and who we collaborate with.

Some of the key business drivers for an RPO service 

  • Visibility & control
  • Cost Management
  • Reduced administration and enhanced MI/Reporting
  • Supply Chain Management / vendor management
  • Automation/Technology
  • Improved efficiencies & streamline processes
  • Risk mitigation & compliance

Get to know us

We'd love to speak with you, get in touch with Zoe and Claire to find out how we could help with finding permanent talent for your business. 


We’re firm believers in shaping your talent with the right training. In fact it goes hand-in-hand with business success. Our academies solution goes one step further than our managed and on-demand learning and development solutions.

We offer a blended recruitment and training solution for businesses struggling to find skilled talent or wanting to provide bespoke development for current employees to develop or cross- train into business critical areas. Our academy offering helps you create the right talent for your business through a formal programme of attraction, training and assessment activities.

Our academy solution is ideal for businesses looking to recruit multiple positions for similar skills, to hire and train in core or niche market areas or to upskill your existing workforce to meet current and future business or project demands.

You will benefit from hiring the right talent, but your new hires learn exactly what they need to be successful, both technically and operationally, feeling invested in from day-one.

The core features & benefits of our Academy approach for your organisation include

  • Access to wider talent pools to satisfy your skills shortages
  • External management of the assessment and recruitment of your future employees via an academy approach
  • Building of Talent Pools for future Academy hiring when the business requirement demands
  • Access to a fully managed training solution
  • Project Management to clearly define your key stakeholder responsibilities and touch points to ensure your employees receive the relevant employee engagement throughout their Academy participation.
  • On-boarding processes
  • Future training and HR solution offerings to ensure a total talent approach for both your Academy Graduates and relevant wider staff members.
  • This approach allows individuals to re-train as cost-effective and highly motivated professionals across a range of functions and industries

Here is just one example of how we’ve helped businesses fill the skills gaps they need to boost workforce capability.  Whilst STEM skills tend to be the talent gaps we find on a more regular basis, we are also able to provide solutions for other skills required; all whilst ensuring the training fits your businesses specific needs.

Get to know us

Want to know more? Get in touch  with Zoe and Claire to find out how we could help close your skills gaps.