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Talent Consultancy

Supporting our overall talent solutions for our customers are our on-demand Consultancy services.

To support the growth and development of our customers and be able to provide expertise and resources when and where they are needed most, we offer on-demand solutions in the following areas

  • HR
  • On-boarding
  • Learning strategy and planning
  • Communication and change management

Our consultative approach allows us to identify areas where project delivery and the required expertise is not part of core business operations or where additional resources are required to deliver tangible outcomes and business success. In these instances procuring expertise as and when needed is cost efficient, ensures up to date support and guidance and allows operational teams to focus on core business as usual activities.


Talent Marketing

Optamor’s mission is to connect your business with great talent. We offer a variety of services in order to make it possible. Our MSP and RPO solutions are dedicated on delivering an effective hiring process, management of suppliers and flexibility to adapt to your business's changing workforce requirements.

Talent marketing is fundamental to recruitment process. It pulls the focus from the process of acquiring talent and steers it toward powering the magnet that pulls talented candidates towards your business. The best way to do this it to understand the kind of talent your business needs, then to understand the motivators and ways that talent looks for new opportunities.

Whilst talent marketing is unique for every business it often starts with performance profiling of your top performing talent, helping us to understand the ‘shape’ of talent you’re needing to recruit. This data is then used to build a talent insights report, combined with market research it helps us to showcase what truly matters to the talent you’re trying to connect with. This is especially important since the best candidates have options. They take into consideration the culture and challenges they’re likely to be presented with at your business. 

We will work with you on your employer value proposition (EVP) and how this is marketed to potential candidates. This is at the core of talent marketing. It comes down to how your business connects directly with the talent it needs to grow and perform. Talent marketing is something that should be considered at the beginning and be underpinned throughout the talent acquisition journey.

To deliver effective talent marketing strategies we use specialists like our sister company zyx associates and project teams. The value they bring dives deeper into data based marketing, starting with facts before setting out digital marketing and advertising strategies. Their end goal is to transform your business's website into a magnet for top-performing talent to find their perfect role.

Believe it or not, 79% of top performers search monthly for the right opportunity. (indeed, jobseeker study conducted by Decipher/FocusVision) This is why talent attraction marketing is crucial for the success of acquiring talent with a high performing mentality.

Not only can talent marketing help to attract top-performing talent but it can also help to reduce agency reliance, decreasing the cost-per-hire and time-to-hire via increasing the direct applications. This is a direct result of talent coming straight to your website and career sites to apply for your roles.  As an example we doubled direct application and offers via the website in just one quarter since our talent marketing solution was introduced.

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We invite you to see things differently, by looking at a recruitment from not only an outbound recruitment perspective, using job boards and agencies but with talent marketing, a way to increase direct hires too. Explore how talent marketing can help you to achieve your recruitment objectives, get in touch.


Risk and Compliance Solutions

Mitigate your businesses legislative, financial and reputational risks.

Our consultancy services help businesses understand, assess and mitigate their legislative, financial and reputational risks.

Some of the services we’re offering to other clients include identifying high-risk contractors (including those who may be affected by the potential IR35 changes), supporting our clients with managing critical contractors, ensuring you have a compliant supply chain and providing tax status assessments.

Our Contractor Compliance Risk Audit highlights and provides advice against any potential risks around direct contractor and supply chain compliance. 

Our compliance project team conduct a contingent workforce audit to assess your current contractor population and provide a  Red, Amber, Green (RAG) report showing the highest risk areas/contractors, supported by suggestive corrective actions to minimise any reputational, financial and legislative risks.

Service offerings include:

• Contractor payroll mechanisms

• Supply Chain Compliance

• Right to Work               

• National Living & Minimum Wage

• Background Checks

• Inconsistent pay rates

• Data protection including GDPR

• Working Time Regulations

• Tax Compliance

• Invoice & Billing Management

• Criminal Finances Act compliance

• Agency Worker Regulations

• Charge rate Management

• Timesheet Management & Approval

• Onshore & Offshore intermediaries compliance

• IR35 compliance, both now and future risks

• Contractual Terms

• Insurance levels

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Our passion and agility is what drives us to make a real difference for our customers. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your current risk and compliance needs.



The job market is changing rapidly, with automation transforming roles across many industries. It is predicted that half of all work will be automated in the near future, and both our recruitment and training processes are evolving as a result.

We embrace technology; from recruitment platforms to underpin our talent and training solutions, AI-enhanced job adverts and inductions supported by digital approaches such as gamification. Streamlining and innovating the talent process places more attention on candidates and delegates, inspiring them to both join and develop within your business.

Everything we do has your end goal in mind, whether that’s reducing your time and cost per hire, building strong relationships with candidates from their very first interactions with your brand or developing their career with you by deploying training interventions that provide them with both personal and business growth.

Our implementation and service delivery teams are fully trained on our partner technologies, but additionally have wider talent technology exposure and experience to ensure your talent solution provides the best option for your recruitment and training needs.

We work closely with our customers to effectively scope, build and manage the talent services we provide. Our talent technology solutions (ATS/VMS/TMS/LMS) are flexible and configurable to our customer’s requirements and where necessary we are able to align our solutions to the existing internal technology platforms of our customers.

In essence, for us, technology is an enabler which supports our customer and people centric approach.

Key Features & Benefits of our technology approach include

  • Visibility and control throughout the recruitment / training process
  • Recruitment and training administration management
  • Powerful search, contact management, resourcing and learning management tools
  • A streamlined workflow with the ability to automate and rationalise many tasks
  • Flexible and attractive management reports and dashboards