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For most organisations people are their largest cost and investment, we therefore use people analytics to help understand and explore how you harness the power of your people.

Using our tools and products that capture, compare and translate meaningful insight and analytics into actions and activities that drive performance and your business forward. We work with you consider methods, techniques and efficiencies that add real value to your business.


Our people analytics team help our customers understand the relationship between their people, brand and performance. We have designed our services to enable our customers to act on insight and consider efficient and performance led interventions by using our products and services.


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Client Engagement Director - Cyber Security

"I see Optamor simply as an extension of our own resource teams, such is the trust between us. They are fully aligned with our company goals and my own personal goals, so that I know when I go to them with a request, I get a swift, effective, high quality and personal service. No matter what I ask of them, they have never let me down."

Client Engagement Director - Cyber Security

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