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Total talent is a widely published approach with significant commercial and hiring benefits however our customers believe like us that linking permanent and non-permanent recruitment is simply one very small step along the path of a true people solution. 

We look to create blended solutions for our customers where recruitment meets training and drives talent. Our expertise and capability is in building true people focused, performance driven solutions that brings the extraordinary to life and hires, develops, progresses and measured the best talent to, in and through your organisation.  


As a builder of people solutions we understand your people, business and sector to consider the full end to end journey and partner you and your people through every step of the way!

We are dedicated to challenge traditional recruitment and training solutions and achieve our customer’s aspirations, create awesomeness and enable the extraordinary.


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Head of Resourcing- Infrastructure & Built Environment

"When we decided to relocate a function within our business understanding the true impact on hiring niche skills sets and experience in new geographical area was essential. Working with Optamor to understand the profile of our target hire and its availability enabled us to plan and predict challenges that we would face and take a blended approach to recruitment and training."

Head of Resourcing- Infrastructure & Built Environment

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