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Optamor flick the switch

We supported a Global Systems Integrator to move their recruitment focus from engineering to manufacturing to ensure that they could meet new project demands with the correct skill sets in place ready for go-live.



The number of applicants provided as a result of the review of the PSL since the engineering switch to manufacturing.

How we saw things differently

Working in partnership with our customer we sought to understand the shift in skill sets and key manufacturing capabilities that would be required in order to meet new project demand.


Having a dedicated team aligned to our customer's business meant that when a key area of focus changed we were able to respond quickly to their new demands.

Optamor worked with our customer to determine the key factors that would be required to successfully recruit both permanent and contract resources to the business to meet this new demand:

  • Identification of geographical areas within the UK where potential clusters of suitable candidates were based
  • Revitalised the internal Referral Scheme to encourage referrals for the new requirements
  • Review of secondary supply chain to make relevant changes to ensure all skills areas would be covered by specialist recruitment activity
  • Worked closely with the hiring community to ensure effective recruitment activity and assessment days in order to speed up hiring decisions to ensure the correct availability of new team members
Resourcing Partner- Aerospace and Defence This has been a fantastic solution to work on, not only has it helped deliver increased direct candidates to the customer and help them deliver on their obligations to the ex-forces community; it has also been personally rewarding to know I am providing well deserved help to people transitioning from the armed forces into a their new career. Resourcing Partner- Aerospace and Defence

Building a solution that works

The specific activity undertaken to support this change in focus in a key area of the business has ensured that the recruitment support our customer receives is fully aligned to the changing needs of their business.