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Optamor bringing energy to partnerships

As we have been involved in the supply of IT professionals to our customer since 1998 our customer recognised our ability to support the delivery of contingent workers to large scale projects which had significant strategic importance. 




We currently have 700 smart metering candidates registered with us, 1110 within SAP ISU and 850 within energy trading.

How we saw things differently

Having worked in partnership, principally supplying talent on a number of large essential programs we were tasked with supplying a variety of specialist contract and permanent resources to our customer. This required the sourcing of highly sought-after SAP skilled individuals, specifically with CRM experience, together with a range of other assets, most notably Project Managers, Business Analysts and Solution Architects.


We were able to source highly sought after talent with specialist knowledge and skills sets.

We developed an innovative solution to speed up the on-boarding of a volume talent requirement for SAP CRM specialists. We achieved this by:

  • Managing the vetting process within the interview procedure
  • Utilising a series of time-saving competency-based questions
  • Set up and management of talent assessment days


Hiring Manager - Energy Their ability to provide a complete spectrum of customer support to meet our demanding operational requirements has been the mainstay of their success and utilisation…They are an organisation that has always worked hard to help maximise the quality of service they provide to us, along with a flexibility to always meet our changing operational needs and proactively contributing. Hiring Manager - Energy

Building a solution that works

We are one of the top suppliers of IS contract resources for a leading energy company with about 150 plus on-site at any given time. We offer support and guidance on visa and work permit legislation, securing the services of multiple overseas talent by guiding them on obtaining work permits. With many years' experience, Optamor understand the ethos and cultural fit of their business, enabling us to manage specialist talent across a variety of disciplines. 

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