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How you can create a great employee experience by borrowing from the customer model.


How do you compare? 

Do you have a successful recruitment, HR or marketing team who use sophisticated and successful methods to attract, engage and retain customers? Do you reflect these in your relationship with your employees? Have you ever stopped to think about whether those great relationships, processes and the energy that you put into them are mirrored in how you interact daily with your employees and teams?  

In an age where the war on talent is increasing, the employment market is evolving and people now move between organisations to develop their skills and experience... We need to ask ourselves whether there are elements of the customer model which could be translated to improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

Are your people policies as agile, adaptable and innovative as those that drive your business? Creating consistency of your employee experience and unlocking the full potential of your team members is paramount. If you treated your employees more like your customers would you get additional productivity and buy-in? 

Customer relationships are built, nurtured and developed; do your team members feel as valued? Are they a business advocate or champion? Do they take every opportunity to tell their friends and networks what a great place it is to work? Can you harness that to drive attraction and interest in your business? If you don’t, you should. Your employees’ insights should be your insights and they should be used and communicated effectively for both employee and business growth. 

Business development and change management are familiar customer concepts, offering courses and practical training to your team that develop their skills and experience will benefit you both and positively impact satisfaction and employee retention.  

Optamor’s Talent & Training Partnership teams regularly see the positive output and return on investment both to employee satisfaction and succession planning. Link your recruitment and training goals; develop your business from within whilst attracting and harnessing the best external talent you need.  

Climb the league table

The Think Tank analogy of football leagues is an interesting concept. As an avid Reading FC fan and season ticket holder, I know that a successful squad is made up of many different sorts of player; reflect that in your internal team. Do you need the support of temporary loan signing (an interim resource)? Does your squad need extra training sessions (using your L&D budget for maximum benefit and return)? And how do they plan for that big game...well that is down to you. 

As Cassie says: “Should managers be measured on things such as employee engagement of their teams? Giving employees a chance to develop and express their needs is essential in the same way marketers listen to customers.”

Does your Employee Value Proposition really reflect who you are and who your employees aspire to be? Optamor’s diagnostic and audit team ask these questions on a regular basis and unlike a good customer relationship the results can be surprising, almost like an FA Cup giant killing game...How will you measure your success?

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