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We've got your bump and baby 2 230x230

New mums? We've got your bump and baby covered...

The Mums’ Network, an internal mechanism designed by Heather Cracknell Head of People Development to support pregnant women within the workplace, launched in February. 

Heather has had first hand experience of being a working mum and she has seen on a professional level how women within the workplace are treated when starting a family.  The network was designed to bring together a support mechanism for mums-to-be, mums on maternity leave and mums that have returned to work after having their baby. It is also worth mentioning that in the last 18 months, 100% of mums have returned to work for the Serocor Group after having their babies, which is a brilliant accolade.  

The Mums’ network takes place bi-monthly enabling mums to share their experience of being pregnant at work, what it's like on maternity leave and how it feels returning to work. The opportunity to speak to other mums helps those anxious mums-to-be to discuss and ask for advice about being a mum in the working world and allay any returning to work fears.  We are lucky enough to have a second time mum who returned to work here recently, and who is a font of knowledge regarding all baby and working queries.

We foster an environment where anything and everything can be discussed, experiences shared and suggestions offered on how you can approach your daily life during the challenges of pregnancy.

One of our mums-to-be notes: “From listening to other people's experiences I felt quite lucky that the company has made changes for the better to look after their mums-to-be. It’s good to have a small network of people who are experiencing the same things as you, or have already been through it, as well as being able to off load without being formal.”

Another one says: “It is nice to have a support group within work who you can speak to about any silly questions!” Another one of our ARM mums to be.”

One of our mums returning to work after her first child says: “I think it'll be a good source of encouragement and support to any expectant and new mums in the future. It'll also help the business to recognise areas for improvement and gives this group of employees the chance to input their ideas and thoughts through a recognised channel.” 

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