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Jenni Rance (2)

Jenni Rance has been working at Optamor for the past 5 years. She supports customers with their training requirements which enables them to grow their business through their people. 

We recently caught up with Jenni Rance, Training Coordinator at Optamor, and she had some great things to say about working with clients, her fave part of her job, and some advice for newbies.

Jenni talked about how she's learned to adapt her approach to each individual client she works with. She said it's important to be flexible and understand that everyone is different. Plus, the diversity of personalities she encounters keeps her job interesting and challenging.

When we asked Jenni what she loves most about being a training coordinator, she couldn't stop raving about her team at Optamor. She said they're a blast to work with and create a really fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Jenni also shared some wisdom for her 10-year-ago self: "New things aren't scary, your real friends will stick by you no matter what you decide to do! PS...stop eating so much cake!"

For anyone new to Optamor, Jenni's advice is to just be yourself. She said the company is welcoming and accepting of everyone and it's a great environment to work in. Plus, since it's a small company, you get to work closely with everyone, even the directors and board members, who are all lovely.

And here's a fun fact about Jenni: "I'm always the first person on the dancefloor (if the Christmas party is anything to go by!)" All in all, Jenni's interview gave us a glimpse into the positive and fun culture at Optamor and her enthusiasm for her role and her colleagues was contagious.

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