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Optamor Ladies Raise 535 for Cancer Research 230x230

Optamor Ladies Raise £535 for Cancer Research

The ‘Optamor Ladies’ (Katie Cope, Jessica Martin, Allie Moon, Tara and Bethany Davies and Sarah and Bryony Rawcliffe) took part in this year’s 5K Race for Life in Southsea on Sunday 20th July.

The team met up on Southsea common under the blazing sunshine along with the other entrants – women and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes; decked out in decorative pink outfits and fancy dress. 

Around 7,000 people took part in the whole event, pounding the streets of Southsea and filling the area with a sea of pink.  The route took the team on a lap across both grass and tarmac, taking in Ladies' Mile and the fantastic sea views along the promenade. 

Heartfelt messages were displayed on the backs of fellow ladies’ bibs, many running in memory of a loved one who has battled with cancer.

The crowds of supporters filled the roadsides clapping and cheering, giving everyone a much needed extra boost of energy under the searing heat. 

Well done to everyone who took part and a big thanks for all the kind donations received to support this amazing charity - with your help we raised £535.


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