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Industry Benchmarking What is the Optimal Recruiter Req Load for Technology Businesses ( 259105505 )

Industry Benchmarking: What is the Optimal "Recruiter Req Load" for Technology Businesses?

Managing Director of Optamor Talent Partnerships, Paul 'the guru' Mallinson, ponders why resourcing is viewed as a cost centre - or is it? He suggests that the first thing is to deal with the root cause of this challenge on the internal resourcing function’s capacity. Why is the question being asked?   


"In short, if the function is seen as a cost centre then the challenge is linked to the number of heads required to deliver the service and the ratio is used as a mechanism to control cost. Sadly this almost invariably ends in an underfunded resourcing function that struggles to deliver on expectations due to lack of resource."

Paul Mallinson

He goes on to say: "An alternative model that would remove the need for the debate would be an internal trading mechanism based on a price list for services, that if set at the right level would be scalable for peaks and troughs in recruitment and focus the debate on the outputs of the function as opposed to whether there are enough heads to deliver the service. The right commercial model would move the function into an internal trading entity where success depended on use of the service at an agreed price - driving quality of service, engagement and output like any other commercial arrangement."

This was the topic discussed by HR & Recruitment Leaders at the recent OasisHR Resourcing Think Tank, for which Optamor is a strategic partner, engaged on the basis of its unique integrated talent offering and to deliver thought leadership to its 1600 members. 

Read the Executive Summary here. 

Is this a challenge for your team? What have you put in place to overcome this? We would love to hear your views on the subject. 

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