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A Minute with Mallo on Video Interviewing 230x230

Managing Director of Optamor Talent Partnerships, Paul Mallinson, takes a minute to ponder...

With 93% of human communication conducted visually, the strength of video interviews is plain for all to see, or is it?

Join the debate, share your views and hear the thoughts of other organisations on this subject in Optamor QI.

Our Optamor sponsored think tank raises some interesting views on the real value of using video interviewing. Read the Executive Summary here.

The general census being that the consistency it provides, with all candidates being asked the same set of specifically tailored questions, and the recruiter having the opportunity to review, replay and rate candidates in a controlled and comparative way, is driving adoption.

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Whatever your opinion, one thing is for certain, we live in a world that is built on our ability to influence people's views. One such area being online dating sites (or so I have been told by a good friend) where video interviews have been used for years in finding the perfect match, with varying degrees of success (or so he tells me)!

My personal view is that you need a balanced approach to selection that considers skills, culture alignment, behaviours and experience, to name a few. Therefore, using a variety of methods that include video interviewing to capture and assess these is a great addition to your toolkit, and can make a real statement around the candidate experience.

My word of warning goes to candidates. If video is the future, candidates need to be prepared and consider the challenges of being captured on video, as there is a clear expectation that this is an appropriate test and pressure for the best talent, at all levels.

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