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Optamor challenges traditional recruitment and training solutions by achieving aspirations, living our values and enabling the extraordinary. Our mission is to create people led, performance focused solutions with and for our customers through their people.


We build solutions through evaluation, expertise and analytics with evolution by design

Partnership powered by passionate experts who understand your people, sector and your business. 


Our success and strong reputation has been built upon our successful partnerships and our ability to deliver and blend resourcing, training and talent solutions for our customers enabling them to perform and grow. We believe that we can build unique partnership and solutions based on our:  

  • Approach to partnership and building solutions that evolve with you
  • Ability to build sourcing solution through innovative technology, tools and methodology.
  • Our specialist performance centre to provide scalable and flexible expertise and resource 
  • Social expertise and ability to build talent communities to connect with you and your business. 
  • Ability to blend resourcing and training to provide our customers with the best talent
  • Values, belief and approach to building performance led, people focused solutions.

Evolution by design to ensure our solutions work for you today, tomorrow and in the future.