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Vicky Hanaghan

The best part of my job is getting to speak to delegates from all over the country and being able to assist with their development needs and requirements. We make the task of sourcing courses, booking-on delegates and handling all queries easier for our client and I take pride in knowing what we do makes a difference to the employees.

I am passionate about seeing businesses utilising the people they have and upskilling them to fit the job they are in. This benefits both the employee and the business and it shows the employees that the business is willing to invest in their employees future.

I have only working for Optamor for a short while, but so far but my greatest work achievement here has been the ownership of Driver and Health & Safety training. I have been working to achieve compliance in the areas of first aid, evacuation chair, fire warden and incident controllers for each of the client’s six sites across the UK, and also sending the newly recruited employees on to their Driver training as quickly as possible to begin their careers.

My specialism is working in training for our client. I have done extensive research around our client and my knowledge surrounding the employees continues to grow each day. I revolve mostly around Health & Safety and Driver training for our client; this works especially well as it allows me to build a strong relationship with training providers and managers arranging these courses.