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Paul Huntingdon


I have a strategic role within Optamor helping guide and support the Board’s strategy as well as ensuring that the company’s culture and values are realised. People are key to our business and at the top of my agenda. I ensure that our people enjoy working at Optamor and receive all the support and opportunities to grow. I am also always looking for additional services to help develop the business as we want to lead the way.

Having gained a degree in Computer Science and working for IBM for 12 months I realised very early on that I wanted to be in business for myself. After taking a year off to travel, I fell into recruitment working for a competitor and whilst they were a great company I wanted to do things differently and create my own culture. Since then I have empowered many of our employees to grow the business into what it is today, a group of highly successful forward thinking driven businesses of which Optamor is part. 



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Interesting thing about you that not many people know

Not sure how interesting this is but I am a father to three children that I adore. My second passion is anything adrenalin related, from extreme sports to martial arts.

Why do you like working for Optamor?

Simple, the people. We have some of the brightest thought leaders in the industry that have become good friends over the years.

How do your customers see you?

I would imagine entrepreneurial, honest and caring…oh maybe driven too.