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Lisa Penner

Q) What’s your favourite part of the job?

“For me, the entire recruitment process is exciting! From speaking to a hiring manager when a new role is raised, resourcing, interviewing, offering a role and then having the post placement communication. This all forms part of the relationship between me, the candidate and the hiring manager throughout the recruitment cycle, and enables me to act as a trusted advisor.”

Q) What are you most passionate about?

“The whole recruitment process. I’ve been in recruitment for 16 years so I’m a seasoned recruiter with a passion for driving myself and team members to a greater success. I still get the same excitement as I did when I first started in recruitment, especially when it comes to over-delivering customer expectations. I can’t quite believe 16 years have gone by; it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, as it’s the success and reward of building new and developing existing client relationships that make the job so enjoyable.”

Q) What’s the secret to developing great client relationships?

“There is no secret really, if you have the drive, passion and ability to listen to what a client wants you’re already part way there. The determination and capability to deliver consistently is where the passion and motivation kicks in - this inner competitiveness to deliver is what enthuses me every day.

Essentially, business is about people, so understanding how to work with people, maintaining healthy relationships and being someone that people enjoy working with are for me the fundamental foundations of developing a client relationship.  It's also about offering value – ensuring the work you are doing is making a real difference to your client.”