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Jenni Rance

Having only worked within the training resourcing industry for two years, Jenni has built an extensive knowledge of available courses by suitable reliable and competitive suppliers within the industry. Her specialism is her in-depth understanding of the client, enabling her to source relevant courses at competitive prices even when provided a limited scope.  A clear result of this is her relationships with key points of contact both within her main client and the other clients within the training portfolio.

Jenni’s strongest skillset is her analytical approach to any challenges she’s faced with, she always considers the full customer journey to ensure the client receives the best service possible.

Great client relationships are based on trust and honesty. Jenni has a strong belief in our company values of being simply understood, ensuring limited jargon is used and relaying a true and clear massage.

Jenni’s favourite aspect of her role is the variety, no two days are the same which keeps her interested and enthusiastic.


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