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Gemma O'Donoughue

Gemma is a recruitment and talent acquisition specialist with over 17 years’ experience of the 360 recruitment process, working on behalf of blue chip international manufacturing & engineering companies.

Q) What’s the secret to developing great client relationships?

Always deliver on what you promise (so don’t over promise). Be honest – even when the news is bad but when you do deliver bad news, always have an alternative solution up your sleeve. Go the extra mile and give your client something that they have not already got i.e. expertise (knowing where to advertise roles), contacts (candidates who aren’t looking for a job) or skills (being able to grill a candidate better than they can on a pre-screen interview). Don’t just talk the talk, clients appreciate action and good results more than a polished sales pitch.

Q) What’s your proudest work achievement?

I designed and wrote a day-long training session and 60-page workbook, and delivered it to hiring managers over three sessions. The basic material was then used by a company to create a recruitment training module which they now sell.

Q) What are you most passionate about?

I love working but I am most passionate about my family - my two daughters (and normally my husband). I am passionate about giving them a good life and making sure my girls have access to any opportunities they want. I believe that working hard in a challenging job is good for you and builds character but family should always come first and makes you the happiest. Love is the answer!