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Fiona Jones

I am passionate about people and ultimately unleashing potential in individuals and teams using a variety of techniques including coaching and mentoring. It’s all about empowerment! As an experienced manager within the HR managed service / MSP / RPO world, I have delivered a range of resourcing solutions clients in a variety of sectors.

Proudest work moment

Winning client awards: ‘Individual Pinnacle Award for innovative recruitment solutions’ and ‘Manpower Strategic Clients Top 3 Contract of the Year, 2015’. I am most proud to see people growing in confidence, developing and being promoted.

What’s the secret to a great client relationship?

Trust and honesty, it’s a two-way thing - establishing that you have to listen to understand (as opposed to listening to respond!) There have to be shared goals and values, so it’s important to understand what they are.

Partnership! The ‘master and servant’ days are long gone, and most clients are now very much aware of the huge benefits that working in partnership will provide. It’s becoming a cliché but authenticity is key. This means we may make mistakes along the way so don’t be afraid to hold your hand up, admit your mistake (it shows your human side) and be clear about how you will fix it. And learn from it!

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