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David Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

My specialism is engineering provision on a global basis, using my multi-sector engineering experience.

I took my technical knowledge as an HVAC engineer to a recognised Plc. and over a number of years, grew a specialist portfolio of large engineering recruitment businesses. This consisted of aviation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, telecommunications, maritime, rail, construction and civil engineering on a global basis. These large operations were focused on contract, permanent, statement of works (fixed price) and project-based engagements, and were delivered within a heavily compliant structure - at pace.

More recently, I rapidly grew a small engineering recruitment business to become a more recognised competitor.

david wilson

Interesting thing about you that not many people know

Past British Champion in 2 different sports.

Why do you like working for Optamor?

A lot of Client interaction and quality time spent with my talented colleagues.

How do your customers see you?

Approachable and cognisant of their challenges to talent acquisition (especially the last 4 months!).