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We believe in our people. We work with the best - the accomplished, the tenacious, the driven and the daring - together creating solutions we can be proud of. Without the very best people driving our solutions, we would not be able to provide the partnerships and the results we do.

It is for this reason that we’re committed to our people and providing the right environment for you to grow and develop.

Join us to start your journey into a role where you can challenge yourself, have the courage and integrity to present new ideas and trust that your team will help you discover new opportunities.



We run a MyOptamor team where members are nominated and selected by our people to represent them. This team meets with the Board to share and position our employees' thoughts, ideas and contribute to the direction of our business.

This approach ensures that we fulfil our belief of being a values based company that puts relationships, accountability and integrity ahead of short term commercial gain.  


We’ve talked about partnership in almost every page within our site so forgive us for saying it again, but creating partnerships is what sets us apart in the industry and we’re proud of this. We don’t just talk about it either, we live it. Become part of a team that builds partnerships both internally and with our customers and surround yourself with like-minded people who share your passion and your beliefs. Both in the work environment and outside we support each other. Whether cheering for a charity bike ride or sampling the cakes at a bake sale, it’s all for a good cause and sharing in the success of our colleagues.


Being part of Optamor means having more than just the ability to be exceptional at your job. We combine expertise and knowledge with the courage to take on challenges, the passion and tenacity to find the best solutions for our customers and shared DNA built around People Performance and Partnerships.  Working with us means embracing our honest and transparent ethos, daring to be different and finding passion in everything you do.

Now you know a little more about us, why not take a look at some of the people who put these values into practice every day. Meet some of our team and start painting a picture of the passion and drive we aim to put into each of our projects.